Technological Developments in HSG

Rahim Filmi HSG Çekiminde Teknolojik Yenilikler

Technological Developments in HSG

HSG examination has been known and applied for many years. Due to fact that old methods and standard practices may cause severe pain during examination, HSG examination has a bad reputation among women. Many women are afraid of this examination and ask for anesthesia, justifiably.

On the other hand, there have been several technological improvements in recent years, new generation radiography machines have been developed, new apparatus have been manufactured and new techniques have been invented. Thanks to this techniques and innovations, examination times have become shorter, some complications have disappeared, and it has been possible to have high quality pain-free HSG without the use of any painkillers.

These developments can be grouped under the following headings:

  1. Digital radiography devices
  2. C-arm digital radiography devices
  3. Thermal or laser film printing devices eliminating the need of film bath
  4. Digital technologies enabling copying and transfer of images to physicians on computer media
  5. New generation water-soluble iodine contrast agents of regulated osmolarity and viscosity with low risk of allergic reactions, and eliminating the risk of fat embolism and granuloma formation.
  6. Thin, soft, bubble ended or straight catheters developed to fill the contrast agent into the uterine cavity or directly into the tubes.

All these developments, not only made HSG examination a painless procedure, but also diminished the adverse side effects, avoided many complications, significantly decreased the amount of radiation both the physicians and patients are exposed, increased the imaging quality and accurate diagnosis rate. As a consequence of increase in the number of examinations, unit costs and prices have decreased. Even though the investment costs of new technologies are substantially higher, total unit cost of standard examination made by using old techniques is not lower than new techniques, as a paradox.

In Sisli Echomar, 2014 model Siemens Artis zee model advanced C-arm radiography device is used in  painless HSG examination by an experienced team under the management of Dr. Cevat Bayrak by utilizing new generation contrast medium, apparatus and techniques.