27-02-2016 22:44

Hello, I've been getting treatment for a long time in a state hospital to get pregnant, they eventually asked for a HSG, I have anxiety due to a bad hospital experience I had years ago, I was afraid even during routine checks and had no idea how I could possibly get a HSG. Even the doctor in the state hospital told me "you can't even handle normal checks, so you should never get an HSG here, it would seriously hurt and you can have a panic attack, go to a private hospital they will at least put you under, we don't have rooms for that here". So I was buried in thought, asked my husband how I could possibly get an HSG if a gynecologist says this, insisted that we should go to a private hospital so they put me under. I was shaking even as I thought of it, I went white as a sheet. My husband, bless him, found ECHOMAR online, we went there personally to get an appointment. We were received well and told at length how there would be no discomfort or pain. Even then I was feeling more relaxed and less suspicious about the procedure. We decided to get an appointment and got one. Then the big day came, I went through the door and was received wonderfully, it wasn't easy for me to trust the team with myself due to my anxiety, but the team was so sincere and caring that I started overcoming my fears, they even held my hand. Dr. Cevat started talking to me and it was impossible not to trust him, he told me about HSG in detail and with demonstrations and I almost lost all fear. Theeen that moment came... It took 3 minutes and I had no discomfort or pain, most importantly they didn't even have to put me under. (I don't know if anyone's more scared than I was, but, if you are, they also keep an anesthesiologist there, just for our whims.) I thought to myself, is this what I was so scared of? After it was done I received my Film and was seen to the door. I can even say I'm not received this well when I visit my relatives. :) A wonderful team, a place that you can entrust yourself to. I have countless thanks for Dr. Cevat and his team. All the best.