05-05-2016 11:01

Dr. Cevat, hello. I don't know where to start but I have no idea why I waited 2 years to visit you. I wish I'd visited sooner. It's almost 1 month since I got a HSG and I just found out today that I'm pregnant! All those drugs, ovulation tracking, my husband's sperm treatments... It was all unnecessary. My doctor had left the HSG for the last phase when we failed to get good results from these. So we visited you as a last resort. Believe me, I had run out of all hope. I was even feeling sorry for the money I paid when you gave us the results and said "its all clear". But now my feelings are on a whole other scale. I have absolutely no regrets for the money I gave you. Thank you all so much. And thank God. May God bless you. We couldn't have gotten these wonderful results if you weren't so good at your job. I hope for your perpetual success. Goodbye Doctor. With love.