Can I have hsg during religious holidays?

HSG is a radioscopic screening. The process is performed by inserting a screening liquid into the uterine. Since both the liquid insertion and X-rays can damage a fetus, HSG cannot be performed on pregnant women. It must be made sure that the woman having HSG is not pregnant. Since there is no risk of pregnancy in the few days following menstruation, these days are preferred for screenings. What happens if your period starts right before a religious holiday and the days suitable for you to have an HSG land right on the dates of that religious holiday?

You will not be able to find a center that will perform an HSG during religious holidays. If you do not want to postpone your screening by one month, you are not out of options. In this case, you can have your HSG in the first chance you get after the religious holiday as long as you do not have intercourse during the holiday. Since you did not have any intercourse, you cannot be pregnant. If you are sure you are not pregnant, it is fine to have your HSG until approximately day 20 of your menstruation cycle. This also will not negatively affect film quality and results.

Now click on the strip reading "Leave a message" on the right side of this webpage. Type in your e-mail, mobile number and the date your period starts, and let us know that you will be coming in for a HSG right after the holiday. Your appointment will be ready in the first workday and at the first empty slot after the holiday. We will call you at an early hour in the first workday after the holiday and confirm your appointment or shift the appointment to a more suitable time for you.