Getting Pregnant in the Same Month of HSG

We do not impose any intercourse limitations and birth control to those who have HSG in our center.

The drug (contrast material) we use during the imaging is water with a special iodine salt dissolved in it. This iodine salt does not bind to bodily tissues and is excreted through urine almost entirely within a couple of hours. This substance does not have harmful effects on tissues and organs at the amount and concentration we use. Uterine and ovaries are not negatively affected, also. On the other hand, some researchers claim that this material increases the probability of pregnancy.

Thanks to state of the art radiography device with new generation detector (Siemens Artis zee) we use in uterine imaging, X-ray dose is kept at a minimum level. Moreover, this device can perform fluoroscopy while emitting intermittent rays instead of continuous, and thus significantly reduces the amount of X-ray patients are exposed. In summary, the total amount of X-ray is kept well below the safe limit and does not affect unfertilized eggs and uterus tissues in terms of pregnancy.