To undergo a variety of health testing and screening in certain periods and frequencies even though we are not ill, has become a routine practice of our life that should not be neglected.

Today, there are two important and proven tests for women, which have been proved to be life saving and prolonging:

  • Smear test
  • Mammography

Cervical cancer and breast cancer are the two most common types of cancer in women, and if early diagnosis can be made thanks to these tests, complete healing may be possible.

Smear test has become a standard procedure in gynecological examinations and controls. However, women should always remember their mammography screenings in case it is not reminded by their physicians.

World Health Organization and Turkish Radiology Society recommend all women above 40 years old to have mammography screening at least once annually even if they do not have any complaint. For women, whose first-degree family members have a history of breast cancer, screening mammography can start from the age of 35.

Mammography is the most important imaging method in the examination of breasts and is used in early diagnosis of breast cancer. For women below 35 years, breast screening is made by ultrasonography or if required by Breast MR.

As in HSG, the ideal time to have mammography is the next few days after menstruation when breast tenderness and intensity is less. This provides women, who also have to have breast control, the opportunity of undergoing two examinations on the same day, within a short time, under the most suitable conditions, and thereby saving time.

Sisli Echomar with its new generation advanced digital mammography device, high sensitivity ultrasonography device with advanced technology, 2015 model 1,5 tesla MR devices, is one of the most important Breast Radiology centers of Istanbul providing service with an experienced team under the management of Specialist Dr. Bengi Sari.

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