How HSG is done?

Woman to be examined wears an examination gown. Accessories such as necklace, watch, glasses, earrings and buckles need not to be removed. Then, she lies back on the radiography table with her knees bended. In order to see the cervix, a device called as speculum is inserted into the vagina. After wiping the vagina and cervix with a germicidal fluid, a special catheter with a small bubble on its end is inserted to the cervix.

This catheter is made of a soft material and it is approximately in the thickness of a standard pen. Utilizing the facilities provided by the radiography device, there is no need to hold, pull or push the uterus in order to straighten it. Therefore, there is no need to insert into the cervix the device called tenaculum, which has sharp hooks at its end. Through the catheter we inserted into the cervix canal, we inject into the uterus a liquid that is capable of holding X-rays and monitor the flow of the liquid, and we save the digital radiography images at appropriate stages.