Tube Opening During HSG

If tube is diagnosed as obstructed in HSG, the following cases may apply:

  1. The tube is closed irreversibly.
  2. There is a major occlusion that can only be opened by surgical or medical treatment.
  3. Tube is closed due to small adhesions.
  4. Tube is found to be occluded due to mucoid seal or clot seal
  5. Tube is found to be occluded due to uterine muscle spasm.

An experienced radiologist can differentiate the occlusions specified in the first two cases by HSG.

It is possible to open occluded tubes that are blocked due to small adhesions, seals or spasms by a radiological technique called as “selective salpingography” or prove that they were open in reality. This process is made using a thin, soft and special catheter under scope. It only takes a few minutes. It is painless. There is no need to use any medication as painkiller, sedative or neuromuscular blocking agent. This process does not have any side effect or complication different from HSG. Success rate of this process in Sisli Echomar is 70%.

This process is free of charge for those who have registered for HSG examination in our center. For patients who had their HSG test in any other hospital, fee of a HSG is charged.