Painless HSG by Dr. Cevat Bayrak HSG Specialist Dr. Cevat Bayrak

Painless HSG by Dr. Cevat Bayrak

Hysterosalpingography, known as HSG, is a radiologic procedure to examine the status of the uterine cavity and fallopian tubes.

In Sisli Echomar, HSG is done with new devices and modern pain-free methods; there is no need to use any painkiller or antispasmodic drugs. Moreover, tubes diagnosed as occluded at the beginning of HSG, can be opened by a free additional procedure called “selective salpingography” which takes 1-2 minutes. Success rate of this tube unblocking process is above 70%. Sisli Echomar is the only center in Turkey where selective salpingography is performed as a routine and free procedure during HSG whenever required.

Sisli Echomar is the radiology center where the highest number of HSG is done in Turkey. It has a dedicated radiography department planned, organized and equipped specifically for this purpose. At the end of 2014, with a high amount of investment, Sisli Echomar equipped its radiology department with an advanced C-arm and flat panel detector digital imaging device that fulfills the modern requirements. Radiologist Dr. Cevat Bayrak, who has developed the pain-free HSG techique in Turkey, was appointed to lead the department together with his experienced team.

As it is located in downtown Istanbul, Sisli Echomar has ease of transportation with its closeness to public transport facilities (bus, minibus and metro stations), and free parking facilities. Every weekday, in the morning, a free shuttle leaves from Bostancı to Sisli Echomar.

Information and videos in this website have been prepared to explain you the modern HSG techique that is very advantageous in every aspect.



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